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What is Maintenance Status (implied status) ?

Updated: May 30, 2022

Most foreign nationals need a study/work permit to study and work in Canada. But you can still study/work without a permit on maintenance status.

What is Maintenance status?

If you’ve applied for a new immigration status but it won’t arrive before your current status expires, you may still be able to stay, study, and/or work in Canada during this time. This is called ‘maintained status’(implied status).

How long does maintained status last?

The individual or family may remain on maintained status until a decision is made on the application.

Can I leave Canada on maintained status?

Maintained status applies only as long as you remain in Canada. If you are on maintained status and leave the country you may be allowed to re-enter Canada as a temporary resident as long as you have a Temporary Resident Visa (TRV) or you are exempt from the requirement to have a TRV.

Can I work during maintained status?

A person with implied status is allowed to continue the activity they were already doing in Canada under the same conditions as their original authorization allowed. Workers may continue to work, students may continue to study, and visitors may continue to visit.

Can I renew my SIN while on implied status?

No. You will need to apply for a new SIN as soon as possible after receiving your work/study permit extension

If you are currently in Canada on a work permit or study permit or as a visitor and your status is about to expire, you will need to apply to extend your status. we are available to help you put together a complete status extension application should you be interested in extending your status.

We are also happy to provide the best professional advice in case you have any questions or inquiries regarding maintaining your status in Canada.

Please feel free to contact us. Book a call with us today!


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